Skins Game

Skins Game


9:30 Shotgun

***Possible frost delay***

Please be here by 9:00 so everyone can be checked in and paid so once we get word that the course is playable we are ready!  Sweeps players can just show up and we will draw teams based on who is here.


#10 - Terry Dunn/Steve Pratt - Ed Lindquist/Gary Kaczmarek

#11 - Mike Larson/Jim St John - Steve Larson/Jim Gingerelli

#12 - Fred Perla/Barry Scola - Nick Humphrey/Jay Pappas

#13 - Steve Dube/Dave Gow - Mark Eldridge/John Donoghue

#14 - Mike Lemerise/John Aramento - Al McCallum/Paul Rezuke

#15 - Tom Lavelle/Monty Anderson - Dave Cullen/Scott Hickey