Cyprian Fitting Center

The Cyprian Fitting Center is open 7 days a week.  Reservations are required for all fittings.  Standard fitting fee is $50 with $25 purchase credit. In addition, each fitting receives a complementary round of golf as well as additional rounds of golf based on purchase total.  For more information or to book an appointment for your custom fitting, please contact Scott Hickey, Director of Golf, at 508.869.9900 ext. 131.

TrackMan Pro – The Choice of the PGA Tour, USGA and R&A



At the Cyprian Fitting Center you will be fit using the industry’s leading custom fitting and ball flight analysis technology available.  TrackMan is the same revolutionary technology used by the touring Pros.  Our highly trained expert fitters will analyze the data to match and fit you the perfect set of clubs.

TrackMan, using radar technology, measures the full trajectory of your shot, from short pitches to 300-yard drives, with pinpoint landing positioning.  The system delivers state-of-the-art data without using any modeling.  The shot is displayed in actual 3D trajectory in real time together with all impact and ball flight information.  TrackMan is used indoor in our fitting facility or can be taken outside.

We can fit to all major brands, including Callaway, Ping, TaylorMade, Titleist, Cleveland and Cobra.  Every golfer’s physical and swing characteristics are unique.  That is why there are many brands to choose from and why you need to have them fit properly to you.  Custom fit golf clubs will enhance your game, provide added confidence on the course and make the game more enjoyable.

TrackMan data gathered on every shot




Club Speed


Ball Speed


Smash Factor


Side Total*


Attack Angle


Launch Angle




Landing Angle


Club Path


Launch Direction




Hang Time


Swing Plane


Spin Axis




 Last Data


Swing Direction


Spin Rate






Dynamic Loft*








Spin Loft*








Face Angle*





 * Calculated Data