Junior Golf FAQ

Junior Program FAQ

During our almost 20 year history, we have been extremely fortunate to have such a successful Junior Golf program. Whether your son or daughter is a Futures or Junior Club member, we have found that there are a variety of questions that we hear frequently. In an effort to help grow the game and educate all who wish to play, we figured this FAQ section would be the easiest way to do so. 

How do I sign up for the Junior Golf School?

Our Junior Golf School signup is done through the third party site Active.com.  You can find all the information on the school and how to sign up by clicking here.

If I signup for the week of Golf School, am I automatically a member?

By enrolling in a full week of Junior Golf School valued at $329 or more, you automatically become a member of our Futures Club, which provides unlimited golf on our 9-hole par-3 course.  For an additional $100, you can become a member of our Junior Club, which provides unlimited golf on both our 9-hole par-3 course and 18-hole championship course.

Is there a dress code to play golf or go to the driving range?

Yes! As is the case with most golf courses, we require a collared shirt and no denim for boys. For girls, we require either a collar OR sleeves and no denim. We strongly discourage yoga pants/sweat pants and athletic shorts for both boys and girls. When visiting our driving range, it is apart of the same facility and therefore the dress code applies there as well! 

Does my son/daughter need their own golf clubs and golf balls to participate in the Junior Golf School?

Yes, they do need their own clubs and golf balls. If you son or daughter does not have a set of clubs, you may rent them during the registration for the Junior Golf School.  The sooner you can let us know if you need clubs the better since we do have a limited amount of sets available.  All our junior rental sets are right-handed.

How do I notify your golf staff about my child's food allergies?

Just as with school, we supply lunch for our Junior Golf School each day! We are well aware that not every child is able to eat each meal we provide, but we are able to make accommodations so long as we are notified. To ensure that your child's dietary restrictions are accommodated, please email Shawn Durocher (shawnd@cypriankeyes.com) one week prior to the first day of your child's week. If your child simply does not like a meal, you are welcome to pack a lunch for him or her.

How should my child make tee times for regular play? 

Whether your child is playing our 18-hole championship golf course or our 9-hole par-3 golf course, tee times are required! While we do our best to make sure that everyone who walks in can play, we are a public golf course and the only way to guarantee a time slot is to call ahead. Additionally, in the spirit of our program and to educate all golfers (no matter how young!) on how to make tee times, we ask that your child calls and not the parent. Our staff is very friendly and are trained to speak with our Junior Members and help them learn the process of making tee times. Please note that the par-3 course is very busy following  the end of a day of golf school.

How do I ensure that my child is with his friends for Junior Golf School?

While we cannot guarantee all friend requests for our Junior Golf School, with the proper notification we do everything we can to pair children together. We are able to accommodate just about all requests for kids that are similar in age. To give your child the best chance of being with their friends, please email Shawn Durocher (shawnd@cypriankeyes.com) one week prior to the beginning of your child's week.

I switched my child's week of Junior Golf School and noticed a cancellation/transfer fee, why is this the case?

Due to the high demand for our Junior Golf School we need to protect those on the wait list and we found that this method is the most effective way.